While I was pondering over the things that I want to write on this article titled “new mom’s beauty guide”, some thought pop up in my mind that made me to laugh.

When I was very much younger, I did remembered that as kids, we all look forward to the Christmas season with great happiness because of the new things that we are expecting from our parents.

Peradventure, my parents buys me a new pant some days before Christmas, I will gladly keep the pant hoping to wear it on that very day, flaunting it around for people to see.

So it is with most women, when they are pregnant they feel so happy to flaunt their protruding stomach to whosoever cares to see them.

Pregnancy and childbirth are events that can change a woman’s lives completely either consciously or unconsciously.

Having a baby is a beautiful thing, that all women spend nine months growing a person within. She uses nine months picking names, clothes and all other stuffs needed. She is engrossed in these months making plans, reading pregnancy books and preparing for the amazing life change that is having a baby.

As her body expands to accommodate her growing baby, everything begins to change.

It is normal for pregnant women to feel self-conscious about their bodies. The weight gain during pregnancy might be important, but it can take a toll on your confidence levels.

After child birth, she starts to experience a whole lot of things that nobody ever said anything about.

Cosmetic physician Dr Rashmi Shetty says, “The baby becomes your primary focus but your post-partum body needs attention too. Whether you have a natural childbirth or a long labor resulting in a C-section, there is a lot of healing that your body requires post pregnancy.”

A lot has been said about how tough pregnancy can be on the body, but we talk less about what happens to her body after vaginal delivery. We’ve put together tips to help you to heal after a delivery.

  1. Rest for 10 days

Your body just went through a major experience and it deserves a rest.

Many midwives restrict their mamas to 10 days of rest before leaving the house, even in the most straightforward of births. I realize that for some, that amount of time just isn’t realistic. But the point is, take as much time as you can. Stay in bed with your baby. Rest, feed, sleep, cuddle.

2.      Wear Extra Pads

After nine months of period-free season, post-birth bleeding can be very heavy. So a little extra padding won’t hurt.

3.      Eat Healthily

Healthy eating after child birth is not only meant to look beautiful but also to help with breast feeding. Drinking of enough water is a most also at this period of time. You should also make sure you get lots of protein and fiber will help your body to heal, and get you feeling better, faster. Hard-boiled eggs are a particularly good for, protein-packed snack to have on hand.

4.      Ask for Help

During this phase of life, families and friends are going to visit and meet your new baby. Take advantage of each of the person presence and ask for some help.

5.      Sleep when the time arise

Sleep is the biggest treasure when there’s a baby at home. Depriving yourself from sleep isn’t ideal because it brings you down mentally and can also leave you looking haggard.

6.      Dress Well

Whoa! It is time to say goodbye to maternity clothes. Dressing up doesn’t mean you have to change your wardrobe. It just means wearing a clean dress that fits well!

7.      Pamper Yourself

Now that your friends and family are willing to help you out with post natal, take out a few hours and head to the salon. Get a trendy haircut, a facial, a pedicure, and a manicure – that should be enough to keep you going for a few months!

8.      Exercise

Yes, it is important!  You can consult your doctor and get guidance on gentle sports you can indulge in. A good fitness routine will make you feel better.