Human beings are created with the identity of being superior to every other creatures living on the planet earth that will ever exist within or outside this planet. This identity of superiority still plays out among races of human species since man got the knowledge of his identity. This knowledge of identity has led man of living all through his journey of life. So for this reason, can we now say that man’s knowledge of his identity was a mistake or that leads to several ups and down which are now part of his life experiences in the form of gain or loss.

Since man has discovered his identity, the need for behavioral changes sets into his lifestyle which could be worth it? Or that the effect this identity places on the behavioral changes has been beneficial to man existence?
Managing behavioral changes in human is a herculean task when most of us can hardly manage ourselves. The very day we assume management of other people’s behavioral changes, and then we will succeed in whatsoever we do. Behavioral changes in people sometimes springs up from anger, which leads to envy, hatred, disrespect and even betrayals which sometimes crawl into death. So if behavioral changes can spread so quickly into all this harmful chains then we ought always to be careful with whom we deal with as friends, acquaintances or family members.
Behavior walks with perception which comes from what we see or hear and then we act on the information.

Perception according to Lindsay and Norman (1977), is the process by which organism interpret and organize sensation to produce a meaningful experience of the world. Man is a social being that interacts with his environment through different medium as a result of dissemination of information. Judging by man’s behavioral changes, as a social being, his social perception paves the way for his environment. Social perception is refers to how we make inferences about them. And one important source of information that we use is people’s non-verbal behavior, such as facial expressions, body movement and the tone of their voices. Non-verbal communication or behavior should be given more priority because it helps to predict our social world.
If we must accept this fact about behavioral changes, then we should agree that if Abel was so conscious about his environment, Cain would not have killed him. The very moment Cain’s sacrifice was rejected by God his countenance changes towards God and his brother. These changes in Cain’s countenance could have been expressed in his facial expression in the form of anger, envy, jealousy or hatred. The tone of his voice would change, his body position, movement and several other non-verbal communications would have been on display for Abel to read from but his emotional intelligence was too low.
Charles Darwin’s (1872) book “The expression of emotions in man and animals. He went on to say that all human beings are able to encode and decode or interpret the facial expression almost accurately. And that there about six major emotional expressions namely; anger, happiness, surprise, fear, disgust and sadness.
Citing this real life experience of a friend who is a creative artist whose creativity has not been paying off financially to cater for himself and immediate family. He fills sad about his conditions as he tries everything to redeem his image in the family as the first child of his family.
Years gone by as his parents and younger ones who are the sources of financial inflow into the family begins to question his source of his business. As this continues, anger and disrespect begin to surface into the environment. When he noticed this, he didn’t quarrel or reciprocate this facial expression of emotion but he finds a way out of this great danger starring at him. With his understanding of behavioral changes in human, he decided not to be confrontational whenever there is a conversation about his business and to always make sure that he is not always at even though it’s not worth going out everyday.
Sometimes this facial expression of emotion from his family changes positively but still at that he still adopts this pattern, working hard on his craft to make sure that he’s able to handle his financial needs and that of his family.
Behavioral changes cannot be eradicated from the earth because man is the catalyst behind it. We can manage it if we choose to take priority in ourselves and learn to be a student of social perception. So if you have decided to manage behavioral changes then you must learn to observe your environment at all time because this is the only sure way out in handling verbal and non-verbal