The dictionary defines effective as producing the result that is wanted or intended; producing a successful result. So, it won’t be wrong to say that being effective has to do with living up to the standard or expectation.

Effectiveness at work place cannot in any way be compromise because it is a place meant for business transaction. We are always expected to be at our best in everywhere we find ourselves irrespective of the environmental, social, political, religious, or family constraint.

There has never been a reason why anyone should not be effective because it is demanded from everyone of us.

The work place should be a centre for progressive, aspiring, result driven, high achievers and not for non-challancy. No employer of labour will be proud to keep paying a staff that is non-productive or effective because of the negative resultant effect that staff puts on the company finances. Looking at a football team on the field of play, each player is expected to bring into the team his dexterity in order for the team to succeed. The opponent can only win a match, when they discover a loophole and then decide to make use of it.

Being effective at work or in anything that we find ourselves doing, solely depends on the individual and he/she does not need to be talked into it.

Effectiveness cannot be hidden because it radiates so much like the sun that we all fell. It is the bedrock of every successful innovation or invention that man sees on the planet earth.

Even though we are born into this world with our five sense, it still takes time for us to fully develop the ability to master the role and functions of each of the five senses. So being effective is a continuous exercise that we cannot achieve in a day but we master each of the act when we live by it daily.

The work place is meant for serious minded people that are able to turn every opportunity at their disposal into profit making venture and above all creating a healthy environment for everyone to live in.

In order to be effective at workplace, the following steps must be fully adhered to:

  1. Start with you: You might be wondering why I said so? There is nothing that has ever happen to a man with his fore-knowledge. In most cases, we are always ignorant over our environment, thereby loosing out on the details of life. You are the key to the greatness, success and retrogress that will ever come your way.

For there to be success or effectiveness at work place, your mind must be in participation. Like I said earlier, no matter the motivation, you have the final decision to make when it comes to being effective at workplace.

It is the you in you that makes you the you, you are. We are all unique in our various ways and so for that reason, being effective at work place can only be achieved when the you factor has been addressed properly.

Your character, perspective, level of information and most importantly your mind determines what comes out of you. No human being is quantifiable, you are priceless and for that reason cannot be deterred by the circumstance around.

  1. Early to bed: “Early to bed they say is early to rise.” God has made it that no matter how busy your 24- hour might be, there must be a time for rest or sleep. Have you heard or seen a man on this planet earth that has been able to cheat on nature or even sleep. You can avoid not to sleep at night due to some engagement but that those mean that you’ve mastered the act of not sleeping at night.

Having a good night rest is one of the ways in which one can be effective at the place of work. Sleeping between four to five hours every night will definitely boost our activity for each day.

I want to use myself as a case. During my university days, there is a day of the week that I get so stressed up because lectures for that day start from 8 am until about 6pm. What makes it so complicated for me is that, I go to school from home and for that reason, I have to wake up early in order to meet up with lectures and before the end of the day, I get exhausted. Guess what I did? I decided to shun the first lecture of that day in order to have enough rest before coming to school. Surprisingly, I noticed that with that approach of mine, I feel so strong throughout that day.

Whenever you sleep properly, the whole body system is at alert and the blood flows properly, thereby giving room for effectiveness. But I must say that I am not advocating for excessive sleep, which is the bedrock for laziness.

  1. Have a clear conscience: “Clear conscience they say fears no accusation” while awake and ready to face the day’s activities, you’re expected to clear your mind of every burden that you slept with and even the ones that crops into the morning. A troubled mind will definitely not produce an effective day at work. This step is not easy but one has to learn the process in order to remain focus and active for the day’s activity. How can there be an increase in capital or finances when the mind is not at ease?
  2. Eat right: “You are what you eat.” How true is that statement? The importance of food for growth cannot be denied because every living creature including animals need food to survive. In other to be effective at work place, you need the right food. When making the decision on what to eat for breakfast it is advisable to take light food rather than heavy heavy food. The choice of your meal goes along way to determine how smart you’ll be at work place.

It is also advisable not to go on an empty stomach during the breakfast season but should rather have a cup of tea and some slice of bread. But if you belong the school of thought that believe that breakfast makes them dull, then go by what you believe. In case when your health deteriorates, remember to visit the doctor.

If you want to be effective at work place, then eat right.

  1. Dress smart and sharp: Fashion is that accessory that compliment what you are wearing and it communicate a lot about you. The world is evolving, so is fashion. If your knowledge about fashion is poor, then get informed.

If your job requires that you put on a uniform, then; that should not be a reason why you should dress shabbily. Always put on a dress that is stress free, that gives you an opportunity to walk and run around the office. Your fashion should compliment and above all give you the opportunity to increase your productivity and capital. So, when going to work, select that dress that gives you flexibility at work.

  1. Put up a smile: a smile doesn’t cost anything, it is not harmful, and it takes nothing away from you. It does not need a special training to put it into practice.

Putting up a smile always brings out the real depth of your personality. It attracts people towards you and keeps you healthy.

When your smiles finally attract people toward you, then wisdom is needed to separate those that will be needful for the day’s journey. In this wise, nobody has the power to make you feel bad, except when you create an open door for that. If this step must be practice, then be ready to mingle at work. With this, you’ll have several kind of friends but do accept the offer, don’t get close or intimate.

It takes relationship at work place to get the needed capital but you must choose your friend. You can get friendly by making sure that both parties get the desired productivity that will enhance the capital needed at work. You can be friendly but do not get close.

  1. Follow up on every assignment: Before you get set for work, make sure that every inventory of the past and present are put into cognizance. The work place is not meant for indolent minds but for individuals that are ready to make good use of the opportunity given to you. So, when you plan to put all your assignment on a scale of preference, your productivity will tremendously increase.

If you really desire to be effective at the place of work, then put all this instruction into practice.