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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gideon Augustine Obonugo is a prolific freelance writer from Nigeria who has been writing for a living since 2008.
He started his own free wordpress blog two years ago before finally re-branding this blog in November 2017.
Conscious growth has been the core focus of my life for years. I try to analyze myself daily and directly or indirectly study the minds of people and how they integrate it for growth.
Life is full of experiences that can be utilized positively or negatively, which can also slow us down or cause stagnation.
I read, research, test, experiment and refine ideas which I am going to be sharing via my blog.
I do what I can to support and encourage people on their path of growth, thereby making them to contribute value to the world.
As an entrepreneur who runs his own business and would love to use my writing to affect lives positively.
I have a deep love for the universe and its occupant. I am friendly and network with people easily.
This site exists to inspire, encourage, and support you on your growth path. Please do let me know how I may continue to serve you.

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