70 reasons why you should be grateful
The human mind is daily filled with activities and experiences that will linger with him for a very long time. Some people tend to embrace these memories, bringing out the best from it while others do otherwise

The human mind is daily filled with activities and experiences that will linger with him for a very long time. Some people tend to embrace these memories, bringing out the best from it while others do otherwise.

Waking up each day should be a thing of happiness that we all should be grateful for no matter the circumstances that is surrounding us.

Just as you’ve being privilege to be a candidate of this year should give you enough reasons why you must be grateful for each day.

  1. You are Alive

You slept last night and woke up this morning without you contributing to this great miracle and should be grateful to God for watching over you.

  1. Good Health

That you are hale and hearty or might not be enjoying the best of health shouldn’t be a reason why you should put up ingratitude. My constant visit to the hospital for 4 months, looking after my father, gave me enough reasons to be grateful that I am healthy.

  1. For your Job

The first assignment of every man on planet earth is a job. Every man feels satisfied that he is able to cater for his needs and that of his family and this can only be possible when there is a job.

  1. For the money in the Bank

Having some savings in the bank makes one feels so calm because if any problems arises, there will definitely be a way.

  1. Your Parents

We all came to this world through the union of a father and mother and we should be grateful for that.

  1. Your Family

It’s a privilege to belong to a family because several orphans out there are looking for what you don’t give value to.

  1. Good Friends

That someone chooses to be your friend means that they value so many things about you.

  1. For Freedom of Religion

That you have the choice to choose the religion that you belong to is a privilege.

  1. For a Home

There are several destitute out there seeking for what you do not give attention to.

  1. Having a Partner

Being in a romantic relationship gives you the opportunity to learn, share and love someone else.

  1. For the Food

That you have the ability to provide food and can eat is worth being grateful for.

  1. You can learn from your Mistakes

We are all prone to mistakes and learning from our mistakes shows that we are ready not to do the same wrong again.

  1. You are a source of Happiness to others

It takes a happy mind to make others happy.

  1. You have the opportunity to get Educated

Being educated is a privilege so many people wish they could have.

  1. You can read

The ability to read anything should elate your soul at all times.

  1. Your Nakedness is not expose

Clothing is one of the primary desires of human

  1. Sunshine

The warmth that comes from the sun is what every one cannot do without.

  1. For the Cars

Imagine we still ride on the back of horses or camels to get to our destination?

  1. Achieving your dreams

Having that dreams of your life being accomplished will build so much in you.

  1. For Safety and Security

Sleeping and waking up amidst danger and great turmoil isn’t what anyone would love to experience each day.

  1. Time

We are all given 24 hour each day to plan and to work towards whatsoever we so desire. Though some other persons would have wish for more hours added to their day.

  1. For Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have made communication much easier with friends and loved ones.

  1. Sciences

Thanks to the several discoveries in the world of science that has made life easier.

  1. Art

The beautiful painting would have been possible if Art wasn’t recognized.

  1. Entertainment

Entertainment has been a source of happiness and livelihood to many

  1. Sport

To some, it is a recreational activity, livelihood or a source of entertainment.

  1. For Freedom of Speech

Imagine that you are living in a world where you don’t have the permission to air your voice.

  1. For Children

Being in the presence of your kind and watching him or her grow is so fulfilling.

  1. Fresh Air

Living in atmosphere where we breathe in fresh is much more to be grateful for.

  1. Armed Forces

The presence of armed forces has done so much good to the world by providing us with security.

  1. Internet Connection

The speed at which we achieve things today on the internet cannot be compared to that of 2 or 3 decades ago.

  1. Love

That you can love and be loved in return should be a great reason why you need to be thankful for each day. Love is what keeps the world going around.

  1. Vaccines

So many of us were kept alive because of the vaccines we took. During the outbreak of Ebola, it was vaccines that curb it spread.

  1. Electricity

What could we have done if there is no power to run our daily activities? Writing this piece would not have been possible if there is no electricity.

  1. Teachers

We all pass through various teachers in life that have helped to sharpen our life.

  1. Daily Challenges

Challenges are a part of life and we should always expect and make good use of it.

  1. Hope for a Better Tomorrow

You might be at the best place in your life but the fact that hope exist means that your tomorrow can be brighter than today.

  1. Antagonist people

Having people who always sound your praises isn’t good. You should always welcome antagonist people because they give you the reason to challenge yourself to greatness.

  1. Trees

Live cannot be complete without a single tree in existence. That is why scientists are encouraging us to a world of green evolution. Plant a tree and discourage deforestation

  1. Books

Authors and writers have made the world simpler by pouring out information in a book for people to make good use of. No human can ever write away the importance of book.

  1. Justice – Rule of law

The presence of the justice system has help to bring sanity to the world. Though the system might be impartial in some ways but we cannot override its benefit.

  1. Neighbors

We all came into this world through a family but we cannot deny the importance a neighbor is to our existence.  A neighbor is far better than a distance brother in the day of adversity says the holy book.

  1. Good water supply

It is far easier to die of thirst than hunger. Imagine living in a world where there is no water or portable water to drink?

  1. Technology

We all cannot forget what technology has done for us and where it is taking us to.

  1. Fashion and style

Fashion and style has played a big role in our everyday life and should be grateful that we all can boast of a cloth to cover our nakedness.

  1. Sea

Sailors and the sea business wouldn’t have been in existence if there is no sea, so let’s protect our sea.

  1. Mountains

The beauty that comes with mountains would have been lost if there is no mountain in the world. There wouldn’t have been any adventure for tourist.

  1. Desert

The desert was created to compliment man’s existence on the earth.

  1. Forest

The forest has help to accommodate several animals that we could not have taken care of, which has also been beneficial to our existence on earth.

  1. Pets

Pets have been one of man’s best friends where the show for unconditional love exists.

  1. Animals

The world of animals has given room for zoologist to thrive in.

  1. Plants

We all know that plants help to balance the air that we breathe in and out each day. So let us protect the plant in our environment.

  1. You can laugh

It is said that laughter helps to break down calories in us. That you can laugh is health to your soul.

  1. For anger

Anger is a trait of every human on earth but one should not allow it to over cloud our reasoning.

  1. Success

We all wake up each day, planning towards success in everything we do. Success is one of the desires of every living being on earth.

  1. Night

The night can’t be forgotten because it is the only time that man gets to relax his nerve after each day to reminisce over his activities.

  1. Day

The dawn of each brings a brighter relief to our soul.

  1. Planet earth

The other planets that have been discovered by scientist cannot be compared to the benefit that we all derived from planet earth.

  1. Health care

We all couldn’t have been alive if there is no proper health care service in the world.

  1. Education

Education has been the core reason why man has been living successfully on the earth.

  1. Rain

That we can plant and harvest our crops are the blessings we get from rain each year.

  1. Freedom of mind

Imagine that your thought is being programmed by the government or by an individual each passing day.

  1. Mentors

That you have people who can look up to in your chosen career should make you happy.

  1. Wisdom

The wisdom to tackle a matter is what makes us unique.

  1. Entrepreneurs

Most of the world’s inventions came through an entrepreneur who was willing to take a risk.

  1. Moon and Stars

Standing out by the balcony or on the street each day to see the beauties that comes with the moon and the stars gives us more reason to build bigger dreams.

  1. Sky

The color that radiate from the sky is so sweet to behold each night that you feel so grateful being alive.

  1. Rainbows

Everyone loves to see the rainbow because of the several colors that it possesses.

  1. Diversity/ Options

That we have variety makes the world sweeter and challenging to live in.

  1. Tears

Sometimes when there are no words to say thank you, a tears can do so much more.