30 Ways To Live A Happy Life Each Day

30 ways to live a happy life

If you search online, you must have come across several definitions that talks about the secret to happiness but if I may ask you, what’s the secret to happiness? That’s a trillion dollar question but I can make it much easy with just a little down payment of about $5. Sincerely speaking, I don’t think there is a secret to happiness because these are things or feelings that we create intentional and unintentionally.

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

Albert Einstein once said that “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.

Do you also know that happiness is quantifiable? Which means for you to be happy solely depends on you and only you.

I do remember vividly that most often my mother and even friends do ask me this same question, why are you so happy? What is making you to smile? Why are you laughing? Most often I don’t have a cogent answer to give to them.  Sometimes, after reminiscing over the past, I burst into laughing which lightens the mood and atmosphere at the moment.

As you read through this article, I hope you find something that you can relate to in order to boost your happiness level each passing day.

These are the things that I do to increase my happiness level each day.


  1. My happiness level can be largely traced to my Christian faith.

As a member of a faith based church and having the full knowledge of God’s enduring love for me brings peace and joy to my life each day.  There was a point in my life when things looked so static, no money to take care of myself, bills and even assist myself but when  I read through the bible knowing the will of God for my life even in the midst of adversity brought a relief. My joy level increased, and then comes happiness.

  1. Be kind

Kindness according to the dictionary is having a benevolent, courteous, friendly, generous, gentle, liberal, sympathetic, or warmth-hear-ted nature or disposition, marked by consideration for – and services to – others. It is being affectionate, favorable, mild etc.

If you will daily put all this qualities into action, why won’t you be happy?

  1. Have a healthy sleeping pattern

This is one thing we all are privilege to do but how you plan your sleeping pattern matters a lot. There was a particular year in school that one of the days was so stressful that I come back home very tired. My productivity level and happiness for that day and the next day was being affected. So I decided to skip the first class in the morning which isn’t too important and stay back for the other courses that do last till about 6 to 7 pm. I discovered something, that during that day, I feel very strong, happy and ready for lectures because I try to have enough sleep and rest before that stressful lecture filled day.http://healthysleep.med.harvard.edu/healthy/science/what/sleep-patterns-rem-nrem

  1. Eat well

What you eat, when and how you eat has a role to play in making you happy. Choose to eat what your body can absorb rather than to give yourself constipation, which will definitely make you unstable for the day and might even result into taking drugs.

5. Exercise

I discovered something that whenever I do push up in the morning, my body system becomes very active and every weakness in me is pushed aside. I feel strong, ready for the day’s activities.

 Stephen writes at Thoughtful Growth, where he applies the scientific method to personal development. He further gives more light about exercise through this article.  https://productivityist.com/increase-productivity-21-exercise/

6. Spend some time to meditate every morning

Visualize what your day will be before setting out on the day’s activities.

7. Have an open mind

Always keep your mind open to your environment, people around, strangers and even to yourself in order to save you from any bitterness.

8. Be honest

Honesty is a virtue, seek after it and then you will understand what it feels like to live in happiness.

Dishonesty saps away energy and happiness. When we aren’t honest with ourselves, we hold ourselves back from learning and growth. When we aren’t honest with others, we damage trust and intimacy.[1]

  • We may be dishonest for a variety of reasons. Research has shown that sometimes we lie because we’re jealous and want to hurt others. Sometimes, we lie because we’re afraid we will be hurt if we reveal the truth, or we’re afraid of a confrontation.[2] It can be hard to be honest, especially with yourself, but doing so will help you live a fuller, richer life.

9. Put peoples need first

Why you should I take care of people’s need first when I have not taken care of mine. When a mother tries all her best to make her child happy, invariable she is happy too. There is this calm that comes with meeting people’s need when you also have same need too.

10. Love yourself

If God can love you irrespective of your mistake why can’t you place a price tag of love around yourself?

11. Dream big

It doesn’t cost you anything to dream big, so start dreaming now.

Children dream big. It’s part of their genetic fiber — their overall make-up, if you will. They never think small because they aren’t hindered by the standard limitations that hold adults back. If you ask a child what he wants for Christmas, he might say, “I want two swimming pools! One in the backyard, and one in the front.”

While it’s easy to dismiss a child’s dreams as being silly or unrealistic, who’s to say that’s so? Who’s to say any of our dreams are silly or unrealistic? Just because something goes against the grain, or runs in the opposite direction of societal norms, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

We can all use a bit of childlike amusement in ourselves. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

And if your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough.

The only thing holding you back from achieving them, is yourself. We can be our own worst enemies in so many instances, especially when we don’t believe wholeheartedly in ourselves.

12. Don’t give room for excuses

There is always a tendency to create excuses as human but learn not to fall into that trap. Do the needful at the right time.

13. Don’t judge others

You cannot pass through life without disappointment from friends or loved ones but learn not to judge them. Life is a journey that we all need to learn each day from people’s weakness and even ours. There is no perfect soul on earth.

14. Have an open ear

Listening is a skill that not everyone possesses.  We all want to speak but no one wants to listen.

15. Put up a smile always

A smile will not cost you anything but it will sure calm a soul right now.

16. Live with faith rather than fear

Faith in God will help you conquer every atom of fear. Choose faith and see how fear disappears with the air.

17. Make good use of the present

There will never be another now, today, so make the very good use of it positively.

18. Learn to forgive easily

Forgiveness is a process. If you have built the capacity within you to forgive yourself then it will be very easy to forgive anyone at anytime, no matter the offenses. Always put in mind that offenses must definitely knock at your door.

19. Be self discipline

Discipline is one virtue that will take you so far in life. Discipline is a process, it takes practice but you can work towards it if you so desire it.

20. Show gratitude

Hmmm…, gratitude! Are you grateful for all the good and bad things that have come your way? Are you grateful for the person that comes your way? Show gratitude to have more of the things you never wished for.


21. Be hopeful

Hope for the best that you so desire each day since you have life in you.

22. Think positive

Surround yourself with positive thought and positive people. Don’t ever give room for negative thought.

23. Stay away from comparison

We are all created differently and unique in all we do. So stop the comparison but rather compare yourself with yourself.

24. Drink lot of water

Water has a significant role that it plays in our happiness level each day.

25. Accept failure

You should always see failure as another success tool that you forget to learn while in your life journey.

26. Have a mind that you can’t change everything

You will live very happy when you have this mindset that you cannot effect change to everything that comes your way. In so doing you can easily let go.

27. Choose your friend

Be the one to choose who your friends are.

28. Believe in yourself

Nobody will take you seriously if you can’t believe in yourself.

29. Look out for things that makes you happy

We all have one thing or more that makes us happy, look for it.

30. Study the bible

The word of God is so powerful that it can change any circumstances at anytime.