I was introduced into the world of internet when I created my first ever yahoo mail account which is stgiddy@yahoo.com. After which my interest and curiosity about the internet begins to expand as I spent so much time on public cyber cafe since I don’t own an internet service provider. Joy filled my heart when I could search for anything online ranging from education, entertainment, writing materials, traveling, politics to mention a few. My quest for knowledge resulted into me spending extra hours all through the night in public cyber cafe once every week, so that I can gather much information with little money and more time. From my yahoo mail, I have to create a Google account stgiddy4real@gmail.com both mails have been in existence for years now and it has help me to connect with people all over the world without seeing or even have to call them. This I must say a big thank you to the people that change the way we communicate with people all over the world through the internet irrespective of culture, races, religion or beliefs.

As my mind begins to yearn for more knowledge through the different foray online, then came blogging. I was so happy when I stumble on this piece of information about blogging. I thought this could be a way that I can make my thought known to the world and even make some living out of it. So without wasting time, I quickly open a blog, posted an article and then keep waiting for people to read and comment but nothing of such happened. Finally, I got a comment from one of my post and was excited. Months later, my excitement was carried away with the wind and I lost the commitment, passion and discipline needed to stay through on my blog.

As one of the student of year 2016, months later into the year, I saw reasons why I needed to start blogging after reading information’s from bloggers like Steve Pavlina, Jeff Goins, Bamidele Onibalusi and Seth Godin and I also visited blogs like Huffington Post, Mashable, Tech Crunch etc.  So you too can do likewise but let us see the how to start a blog.

  1. How Do I Start A Blog?

This is one of the simplest tasks to achieve in life, provided you can read and follow instructions to the later. Someone might be saying if it is so simple, why isn’t everyone having a blog? To prove my earlier statement, you’ll have to log onto www.wordpress.com, to sign up with your details which ranges from step 1 to step 6 and then your blog is registered. This you can achieve within 10 minutes or less and it is free of charge. Once you have done that, you can update your “about”, so that people will know what service you are rendering. Then straight up you can start posting your content.

Blogging is a way of sharing your thoughts either as a written content, images, audio or video in the format of a post.

Since you are on to wordpress, to post your content, you’ll have to click on create post which is on the right top of your dashboard.


After which you can preview your content and then publish it. On the left hand side of your dashboard, locate “category and tags” which you will use to specify what your article is and the tag is meant to help in the search of your article by visitors and even search engines. You can also share the article to various social media underneath where your category and tag is.

  1. Once your blog is ready to roll, then you should be thinking of what can I write about? This brings us to the content. Content is the focal point of every great blog. For people to visit your blog and still revisit it, then you must have something that attracts them. Always make sure that your article is like a conversation with a friend. Pen down your personal experience, people and environmental experiences because in so doing, you can easily speak to the mind of your readers. For your blog to pull audience or traffic you must consider writing lengthy words articles which could be in the range of 900 or 1500 plus. What? Isn’t this too much to write? No it isn’t because most readers will be hooked to a thought that is well analyzed no matter the length. And for you to properly have a base on discussing a topic, length now comes in. I have also read about some bloggers who also believe that writing a lengthy post of about 1500+ is ideal to get readers to your blog.

Some might be saying right now that if I am writing lengthy post, how often can I blog? As a new blogger, it will be advisable to blog daily but with the idea of lengthy post content, maybe 2 or 3 times a week will be better. But if you can increase it better. But make sure that it does not go below three times weekly.

Since we have been discussing on the how to blog, let’s now focus on the why?

  1. It makes you become a better writer: Imagine that you have to sit for hours or days to research about a topic before putting your thoughts down a paper? If your 5 year old son or daughter is made to recite a poem daily, it will get to a point that the words of the poems will become a part of that child unconsciously. That is what blogging does to a writer who keeps writing daily.
  2. It improves your thinking tank: You must agree with me that we all think on a daily basis because we have the ability to carry out this process. As a writer, before you post any article, you’ll have to involve your mind on creative thinking because your reader also have the ability to think too.
  3. It helps you build an audience: people are always looking out for value and if they can get it, they will stick with you. Blogging helps this audience of yours to connect to you through social media, emails and then building relationships that is of benefit to both ends.
  4. It can help you get published: blogging gives you the opportunity to write articles, books that you can self-publish rather than waiting for a publisher.
  5. It helps to promote your business, craft or hobby: we are all attracted to different things like writing, engineering, health and fitness, painting or even singing, which a blog can help to promote for us, if only we are discipline enough to achieve it.
  6. You can make some money: It pays to have a hobby that rewards you financially. Once you attach value to your blog, then your audience will be hooked to your blog.
  7. It can be an extra source of income: Every successful business men or women in the world do have some other business that they invest their energy or time in. so you can consider blogging as your extra source of income.
  8. You can educate people: When you begin to blog, you are not just educating yourself but the people visiting your blog. A blogger services can be associated to CSR because your thoughts and contents are being placed to the public for free.
  9. It is free: You can begin blogging today, without spending a dime but if you choose to use a domain name, then a few dollars per month will be required.
  10. It gives you freedom: Freedom is what we all desire in our life and crave for. Blogging will always give you the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time of the day. It will also give you the time to be with your loved ones and families.
  11. It helps you to acquire new and valuable knowledge: Provided you area regular blogger, the opportunities to learn various skills or acquire knowledge in an unknown field is possible because of your vast time spent on research.
  12. It challenges you: most times, we all want to run away from our responsibility which is very unfair because challenges will always come to us. But when it comes to blogging, there is no hiding place. Though starting a blog is so easy but maintaining it to a standard that will keep your audience glue to your blog takes time, energy and dedication.
  13. It opens you to a new world: A blog that contains quality content will always bring in traffic and will also open the blogger to greater things. When you write several people are reading, visualizing the state of your mind.
  14. Build your self confidence: Blogging can help you to discover yourself and build in you self-confidence when you know that people are waiting daily to receive your thought. Self confidence is what we all look forward to at one point in time in our life.
  15. It makes us a mastery of a niche: When you decide to focus your attention on blogging, then you might want to develop yourself on a particular niche. As we daily build contact on that niche, we become an expert in that field.
  16. You can make it a profession: Dating back to 1999 when blogging came into the world, quiet a number of people are living very well with blogging as a profession. So it won’t be a bad idea if you choose to make it a profession.